Helena and Kate

Helena and Kate

The ultimate F U Batman team-up


The problem with the way Helena Bertinelli was portrayed on Arrow


As many of you who know me are quite aware of, I am not a fan of the way Helena Bertinelli was portrayed on Arrow. I though the show did a great disservice to her character, and got more people to hate her rather than become fans of her. The way she was portrayed on Arrow was one of the worst forms of essentialism I have ever seen. What I mean by that is: the show basically stripped Helena of all her admirable traits and instead, reduced her to the ‘psycho bitch ex-girlfriend’ trope. And it did so in order to move a contrived plot along, and to get one of the minor characters to move to another city.

Below the cut will be an examination of everything the show did wrong, in terms of her character.

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The ‘Birds of Prey’ are coming to Arrow

The ‘Birds of Prey’ are coming to Arrow

As many of us have speculated and hoped for last season, the Birds of Prey are going to be appearing on Arrow.

I am simultaneously curious and looking forward to this development, while at the same time, remaining cautious, as I really did not like the way Helena Bertinelli was introduced into Arrow.

As I’ve outlined in a few posts, there were many problems with the way the show handled her character. However, I still hold onto a small glimmer of hope that they can redeem Helena this time around, assuming they can pries Jessica de Gouw away fromDracula long enough to make this plausible. 

I’m also assuming Felicity Smoak will fill the role of Oracle, considering Barbara Gordon might still be subject to the Bat-Embargo (or at least placed on reserve for the upcoming show about Jim Gordon),

Either way, I will be watching the developments as they unfold, and keeping you all updated on this.