Even when she was at her youngest and most angriest, and even while she was suffering from a horrible case of tunnel vision, Helena still allows herself to be side-tracked long enough to help a woman in need.

In this case, she unintentionally comes across a young woman who is about to be sacrificed by some of the most powerful men in Italy, and after she rescues her, she gives the woman the remaining bits of her trust fund and implores her to flee the country for her safety.

It’s yet another instance where the multidimensional aspects of Helena’s personality are displayed, and also proof that her anger is a lot more complicated than people give her credit for. After all, it’s Helena’s anger that implores her to save the young woman, if only because she wants to see her take revenge in the form of outliving them all.

(Also, anyone notice the yellow Bat symbol on the book the goon is reading? It’s one of the many Easter Eggs littered throughout Year One.)

Huntress Year One: #3


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