Since one of my photosets led to a visceral, angry reaction from a Tumblr user (again) I just wanted to clarify that I know Cinco de Mayo isn’t a major holiday in Mexico. I’m also pretty sure that a lot of my fellow Americans do as well, though most can be pretty ignorant when it comes to other countries.

I’m also not Dustin Nguyen myself, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t set out to offend someone with his story. If anything, he just wanted to tell a story filled with lighthearted fare that keeps with Li’l Gotham’s tradition of telling stories that revolve around holidays, and keep in mind that these stories take place in the US, so they’re going to be American-centric and be written with an American audience in mind. So while I’m sure Helena Bertinelli hasn’t experienced the actual Grito de Dolores (though she did venture down to Mexico for one Birds of Prey arc) she is an American, and she celebrates all the major US holidays here. Keep in mind this Li’l Gotham, like most comics, is written from a largely American perspective. I’m also pretty sure that Dustin didn’t set out to deliberately offend or dishonor Mexico and Mexicans with his stories.

Another thing worth noting is that, on occasion, Duss does make little mistakes at times, like when he had the Italian waiter in Li’l Gotham #1 say Molto buono when he should have said “Molto bene”, because the latter is the more commonly used phrase and more grammatically correct in the context it was used, while the former just sounds funny.

So please, calm down and stop swearing so much, especially when the perceived slight was done out of ignorance and not done to deliberately hurt people, but more importantly, calm down because it’s supposed to be lighthearted fare for kids.

There’s a time and a place to discuss America’s infamous xenophobia and ignorance and how Americans often get it wrong about other countries, and even how we appropriate other cultures. But channel it into the appropriate outlets, and don’t take it out on your fellow Tumblr users.

And this is why we can’t have nice things. I am awfully tired of this trend where I post something, and people are rude to me and they either put it in the tag or directly reblog one of my photosets in order to be rude to me. If you have a problem with something I post, then just PM me. And be civilized about it, and I’ll return the courtesy to you.


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